Favorite Shelter Animal Pics of the Week

I work at an animal shelter and can't help but take pictures of all the cuteness!
  1. Priscilla. Wasn't feeling too well after surgery and just wanted rest & snuggles.
  2. Puppy!
  3. Puppy!
  4. Kittens! This is how I distract them while I clean their cage. There are actually 4 kittens in the picture. 😆
  5. Looks just like my Sgt Pepper when she was a baby.
  6. Monkey kittens.
  7. Kitten named Ursula. 😛
  8. Bo, a Mastiff mix. A big sweetie, but who weighs more than I do & dragged me around the building. 😄
  9. My friend's dog, aka my new boyfriend.