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Opps i Crapped My Paints
  1. 1.
    The fish I ordered was under cooked it looked RAW and was just laying on a small ball of Rice..
  2. 2.
    A Pathetically small portion of Mashed Peas was sitting next to the Uncooked fish, so I downed it in one bite. My eyes teared up and my throat closed - my whole body was on fire - wtf
  3. 3.
    Where is the ice water? They served me hot, almost boiling water, spiked with rubbing alcohol in these tiny little cups.
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This will help me save time or waste it?
  1. Something catchy to gain followers/"friends" hhmm ?? feels a bit like 2007 Facebook Era.. ah we've come so far, here we go again!
  2. A Photo of my cleavage where clearly The focus is on my cleavage and not my eyes but you must only comment on how great my hair and make up look.
  3. Dick pic
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