This will help me save time or waste it?
  1. Something catchy to gain followers/"friends" hhmm ?? feels a bit like 2007 Facebook Era.. ah we've come so far, here we go again!
  2. A Photo of my cleavage where clearly The focus is on my cleavage and not my eyes but you must only comment on how great my hair and make up look.
  3. Dick pic
  4. What I ate for lunch and dinner with close-up exaggerated photo poses to show what an exciting time I had doing something so routine – extra points if we can document the bowel movements of lunch and dinner. 👍🏽
  5. Cute Cat videos
  6. Write a Random message to the guy behind me in line this afternoon "who would not stop staring at my ass, oh how creepy he was and how rude.. Like, Oh.. Mha GawD" All that In hopes that you will complement me profusely and say things like "You do not deserve that type of harassment just because You are a beautiful woman" (half dressed) 😘
  7. And of course: Follow me on Instagram!!! ... not!