1. Wintertime
    It is great to wear a hat when it is cold. My mom says that all your body head leaves through your ears so wear a hat in the winter.
  2. Bald or Balding
    I totally understand why you might be attracted to being a "hat guy." Own it. Be proud. Don't buy a toupee.
  3. Actor at the Airport
    Part of the uniform
  4. To keep the sun out of your eyes
    Brimmed hats are good for keeping the sun out of your eyes. Wear a brimmed hat if it is a very sunny day. But do not wear sunglasses with your hat because that is redundant.
  5. Professional Baseball Player
    It is a part of the rules of baseball that you must wear a hat. In this situation it is a good idea to wear a hat.
  6. Demonstrating support for a baseball team.
    Sometimes you are not a baseball player... But it might be important to you that you demonstrate your support for a baseball team. The best way of supporting a baseball team is by wearing the hat that their players wear.
  7. To remember that the presence of Yahweh is always above you
  8. Time Travel to the first half of the 20th century
    It's a good idea to wear a hat in this situation. If you don't have a hat people might think that you are from the future and burn you.
  9. Living in Los Angeles
    You're supposed to wear a cool hat.
  10. Red Flag
    If you plan to roofie someone it is a good idea to wear a backwards baseball hat as a warning to people who might not want to be roofied.
  11. Asshole
    If you want to be an asshole it is a great idea to wear a fedora to a concert or any other indoor space, especially one in which you might obscure the view of those around you.
  12. Pope
    Pope hat only.
  13. If you want to make America great again
  14. Amish
  15. Rastafarian
  16. Hasid
  17. Cowboy
  18. Hat Model