Adapting to New York City

I've lived in New York for over a year and here is how I've transitioned to east coast city culture.
  1. Seasons exist and they are gorgeous
  2. You clearly stand "On or off the line" instead of "In or out of line"
  3. Feeling the need to be on your style A-game at all times
    Because you can't just go home and change without an approximate 30 minute to 2 hour commute. You never know what your plans turn into throughout the day.
  4. You actually wear workout apparel to exercise
    No yoga pants in public
  5. Wearing tennis shoes in public is ACTUALLY COOL
    Why do we put ourselves in pain. Just why
  6. Your level of patience nonchalantly decreases
    When you're walking the same pace as New Yorkers you slowly understand
  7. Everyone also loves Target just as much as you do.
  8. 30 minute commutes are a breeze
    You'll always be wondering how a two hour road trip felt like the longest two hours of your life.
  9. Two Story Trader Joes. Drop the Mic
  10. In n Out is still the best. Sorry not Sorry.