Slow (Style List of the Week): Denim

It seems to be an annual thing that denim reappears in a different season, and for 2016 it is this spring! Here are some great pieces I was inspired to invest in my wardrobe.
  1. The mini button up skirt
    Even if denim isn't your favorite fabric, a button up skirt looks great in the summer with a t-shirt, or with tights and a high knee boot in the fall.
  2. LDD (Little Denim Dress)
    We all have our go-to LBDs' for every evening occasion but what about our daytime grab and go? I like to invest in basics that are as versatile as possible. Denim is perfect for all daytime occasions and is more than easy to accessorize with jackets, scarves, and sweaters of different fabrics.
  3. The Jacket
    If the eighties graced anything into the fashion industry, it had to be the denim jacket. Try on different shades of blues and sizes that suit your style.
  4. The Topper
    Go against getting the classic denim button up.