1. See Celine Dion in concert in Las Vegas
    Really just Celine Dion anywhere but she's only performing in Vegas right now
  2. Mardi Gras in NOLA
    This one has been on my list for years but the older I get, the more anxiety I get around large crowds in small places. I'd still like to check this one off though!
  3. Sears tower in Chicago
    Would love to take a long weekend trip to Chicago
  4. Bike the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
    My friends got engaged here and it just looks like the coolest!
  5. Kayaking in Alaska with my husband
    I've been to Alaska once before and it was so amazing I want him to be able to experience it!
  6. Hiking in Denver
    I've known several people who've moved here and they love it
  7. Pub crawl in Ireland
    After flying to Hawaii, I'm pretty hesitant to get on a plane for more than 4 hours, but I think it would be worth it!