We're so suburban now
  1. Gotten excited for rain
    Never realized what people got so worked up about until we had a yard and a $120 water bill
  2. Judged other people's grass
    Our yard was pretty ratchet for the first month or so. Now that we know what we're doing, we're totally judging you
  3. Stayed home on opening NFL Sunday and cooked wings and fries instead of going to a bar
    Or at least ordering Wingstop
  4. Spent entire weekends running errands
    How are there SO MANY errands?
  5. Gone to Kroger at 10:00pm
    And didn't even purchase alcohol
  6. Bought pajamas
    Like in a set. From Soma.
  7. Actually worry about what our neighbors think of us
  8. Went to Roanoke, Tx for a date night
  9. Hosted our families for a meal
    Multiple times. And not even for a special occasion.
  10. Hosted a game night