We just bought a house in Fort Worth after 10 years of fabulous apartment living in Denton, Portland, and Dallas. 3 of the best cities ever besides Austin and Vancouver. It's been an adjustment to say the least, but there definitely are some perks!
  1. It's SO QUIET
    We used to be woken up by the beeping and banging sounds of construction every morning. Like even on thanksgiving. Now I don't hear a peep!
  2. I'm closer to my parents and sister
    I haven't lived in the same county as my family since I moved out so it's really convenient to have that quick access and I don't have to make a whole day of it just to have lunch with them or something.
  3. We actually have quite a few friends out here
    Like more than we have time for
  4. I get to take new routes home from work
    It's weird, I know, but I thoroughly enjoy driving on roads I haven't taken before. We'll call it mild exploration. And preparation for a zombie apocalypse. When everyone is lost without their gps, I'll know an alternate route to avoid the herd!
  5. Drinks are so cheap!
    We were at a bar for like 4 hours last night and our tab was $30! For 2 people! That would be like 3 drinks in the big D
  6. No stairs, no elevators, no parking garages
    So this is more of a house vs apartment benefit but it's so nice to park right outside your door