1. Carrying a calculator in my purse
    In high school I thought I was too cool to carry a back pack. Where else was I going to put my graphing calculator???
  2. Being high maintenance
    Um I'm the oldest. I automatically get shotgun.....forever
  3. Matching with my husband
    Somehow we always end up wearing the same color scheme. I swear it's subconscious
  4. Driving off a curb while on my way to the DMV
    I couldn't tell where the ramp was! Oops.
  5. The time I busted her lip open
    We were in elementary school. I was ready to leave and she wouldn't get up from the curb and come with me. Such a rule follower!
  6. My man hands 😒
    My ring size is only 6 1/2 so I don't feel like they're THAT huge. She just has miniature hands.
  7. Consistently turning on the windshield wipers instead of my blinker when I was learning to drive
    It's easy to do
  8. The time I picked her up from high school with Dixie Chicks blaring
    It was so loud she could hear it from the building with my windows up
  9. Being rude
  10. How I used to make her stay up with me and make up dances to Spice Girls and N'SYNC