What I'll miss most about living in Dallas

Well we bought a house. Yay! BUT it's in the burbs aka not in Dallas. Sad day. The necessary evils of growing up.
  1. Bars in walking distance
    This was a love/hate relationship, but SO convenient
  2. Restaurants that close AFTER 10:00 pm
    Recently realized how uncommon this is in the burbs
  3. DART access to downtown
    No drunk driving to or parking ar concerts, sporting events, St. Patty's Day parade, weddings, parties, hotels, museums, restaurants/bars, airports, etc
  4. Apartment pool parties
    Free food and booze!
  5. Pluckers Addison
    Just feels like home
  6. Lake Carolyn/Las Colinas canals
    Evening walks around the water discussing life plans and getting steps in with the hubby
  7. Driving at least 10 mph over the speed limit
    People in Tarrant County drive so unbelievably slow!
  8. Diversity
    i.e. other types of people than soccer moms/dads desperately clinging to their youth and trying to keep up with the Jones's
  9. The Cedars Social
    The best cocktails in Dallas. Favorites include: Cedars Old Fashioned and Summer in London
  10. All of the friends I've met post college
    Hopefully they'll still hang out with us 😩
  11. Valley View Mall movie theater
    We're definitely the minority there, but we only pay $4.50 a ticket on a Saturday night!
  12. Multiple functional high ways within a mile
    I-35W does not equal functional
  13. Never seeing people I grew up with while out and about