1. Who doesn't?
  2. Duh- I love her❤️
  3. She is kind
  4. She is funny
  5. She is so good to people
  6. She is Ellen!
  7. She can catch a mint like nobody's business
  8. She has the best staff
  9. She makes me laugh every day
  10. She is a dance champion!
  11. She is a covergirl
  12. She is friends with EVERYBODY- including Nick Jonas
  13. She has the best motto "Be Kind to One Another"
  14. I love her style
  15. I love her taste in music
  16. I wrote her a really great letter and she has yet to reply - I think she still working on it
  17. We were on her waiting list for my daughters Dream Factory dream but we just couldn't wait any longer for her dream so we just went to Hollywood anyway and tried go to to the Ellen show - ha ha -