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  1. Occupation:
    Holly 1
    Holly - Art Director at Swift Agecy Dylan - Assistant Editor at Joint Editorial
  2. What's your favorite room?
    Holly 2
    One of the best things about our home is how open it is, so our living room, dining room, and work areas are all really one big room. We probably spend 90 percent of hour home time in that room working, eating, playing with Maddie, or just vegging out.
  3. Where do you like to find things for your home?
    Holly 3
    Vintage shops in Portland on Hawthorne (Vintage Pink is a favorite), Ikea, Urban Outfitters, Etsy.
  4. What's one item you scored on?
    Holly 4
    Our couch is actually a great Ikea hack — a Kivik sofa with walnut legs and a custom blue velvet-y cover with a tufted back. This couch has been with us since our first apartment together in LA and every time we've moved, we've swapped out the cover.
  5. What's one item you splurged on?
    Holly 6
    The bed! For a long time, we were using the full sized bed that I'd bought in college and at one point it just wasn't cutting it anymore. So we upgraded to a king sized bed and haven't looked back since.
  6. Design Inspiration?
    Holly 5
    Everything! I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, but what I really love vintage shopping at all of the amazing stores in SE Portland. I love to bring in lots of textures and colors to make a big space feel cozy.