Tyler's Home in Tulsa, OK

List App's own @Fitz's home in Tulsa, OK is featured on Somewhere. Check out the link for the full interview and rest of the photos. Let's get more List Appers on here! http://somewherehometours.com/#/tylerfitzsimons/
  1. How long have you lived here?
    A decade in the Tulsa area, two months in my downtown studio.
  2. Occupation?
    I make custom guitar and instrument cables for the global music industry. I also deal antiques and collectibles (aka unwanted junk) I find at estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, etc on eBay on the side.
  3. Anything you are currently on the hunt for?
    I'm on the prowl for a different desk. The one I have right now is perfectly fine, but I was very spoiled by the rare Danish mid century furniture I used to work with at my old job in Los Angeles, particularly the desks, and now I want one for myself. So, if anyone's grandma has a Svend Aage Madsen or Arne Vodder masterpiece languishing in a Midwestern garage somewhere, get at me.
  4. Where do you find things for your home?
    The Big 5: eBay. Thrift stores. Garage sales. Estate sales. Flea markets. I never, ever buy new (unless it's something like a mattress). There’s too much New Stuff being made and it freaks me out. Old Stuff is cooler, well-made, and can be resold for profit when you don’t need it anymore if you have a good eye and reliable intuition. Recycle, reuse, resell. Get dat style. Get dat cash.
  5. Design inspiration?
    I will cop to studying the Urban Outfitters online catalog. It’s very textile-centric so it is somewhat my jam, but it can border on millennial kitsch sometimes, which I'm not super into (too many owls/foxes/printed quotes). Also, growing up in New Mexico exposed me to a lot of Native American culture. Right now that stuff is really hip, but it has a genuine sentimentality to me, and that’s why I surround myself with it—not just cuz it’s cool.