So I've been trying to write books... Here are a few reasons why it's been taking YEARS
  1. School
    You can't get into a writers flow if you spend most of your time working on getting a diploma
  2. Social life
    Talking with people about the books I'm writing? Easy. Ceasing all interaction with humans in order to devote myself to my books? Not so easy...
  3. 9gag
    The jokes, the memes, the... DAMN IT I WAS SUPPOSED TO WRITE SOMETHING TODAY
  4. Lack of motivation
    I COULD immortalize my vivid imagination, but I COULD also be a lazy little sh*t today...
  5. Constant self-doubt
    Will people like the stories I'll write? Will my characters be likeable? Did I spell that one word correctly?
  6. And the worst one: Writers block
    My mind is in constant motion, but it fails to move my hands, resulting in empty pages and fading determination
  7. BONUS: coming up with names
    What to call my fictional planet... Arcadia? Nah, too basic. Arkadia? Nah, swapping letters won't make it any better. Khayal? Yeah. I like Khayal. Imma use that.