1. If you are questioning whether to wash your hair or not - always always go with the washing option. The best choices are the ones you don't regret.
  2. You may as well relax on the plane. Because clenching your pelvic floor muscles will not keep it airborne. How did she even know I was doing that?
  3. If you find a pair of shoes that are comfortable AND look good, immediately purchase additional pairs to stock away. It isn't greed, it's savvy shopping.
  4. If you fill your fridge with food and then invite teenagers into your house. The teenagers will eat the food. Just because it's there. Causal not correlative.
  5. Sleeping with people just to be polite is a suckers game. Skip it.
  6. Women shouldn't hesitate to tell men when their facial hair looks bad. Sometimes the truth is painful but everyone benefits.
  7. Sometimes things are more expensive because they really are actually better. Traveling business class is a good example of this. Buying hardback books is not.
  8. Espadrilles are a chic solution for sweaty feet. End of story.
  9. By the time it goes on sale they won't have it in your size anymore. Truth.
  10. No navy blue and black together. Ever. Under any circumstance. Ditto brown and grey. Don't ask why - it's just a rule.