1. You comply with the corporate T&E policy to the letter. While all those around you entirely disregard it. WTH people, isn't it a rule?
  2. When it's time to choose employee gifts everyone turns and just looks at you in mute expectation. You stare back. They keep looking at you. You give in.
  3. Some one has recently described you as a 'smart cookie' and genuinely thought it was a compliment
  4. You always under pack into a carry-on for business trips with colleagues, because you're pretty sure a big checked suitcase would damage your credibility
  5. Your resolve weakened and you found yourself cleaning up colleagues lunch plates after a meeting. Damn it. Those slobs.
  6. Colleagues ask you about the health and welfare of your children 4-6 times a day. This makes you super annoyed. Then you feel like an inadequate parent for feeling super annoyed.
  7. Despite it being redonkulous you frequently offer up the unqualified promise of "whatever you need". Then you actually attempt to deliver on this preposterous commitment.
  8. You read articles about 'what every woman should have in her desk draw'. Foolishly thinking it will provide you with actually useful information.
  9. You waste valuable mind space considering whether you should learn to play golf. Or take up cycling.
  10. You have burst into tears in front of your male boss and he has pretended it simply wasn't happening. It has never been spoken of since.
  11. You have longed to tell some dumba** patronizing man on a train, plane, subway that you earn at least 5 times his salary. You don't. Because that would be rude.