AKA visual haiku of cognitive dissonance, 1 photo per syllable. Visual representation of main reason for crazy month: not yet available.
  1. The one thing on this list that occurred for professional reasons (www.sonima.com/yoga/yoga-heals)
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  2. Quark cheese. I don't know, but this gives me hope for the future of string theory cuisine (@lilydiamond, got a recipe for that?)
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  3. Man. Dog. Freedom. (This photo contains an invisible secret)
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  4. King Protea, meet your doppelgänger
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  5. Yeah... Cusco. Not much oxygen occurring in this moment.
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  6. Twin Andean smooshfaces
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  7. Because... What better way to kick off a street drain. Pisac's got flair.
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  8. Stunning ritual of the post-Qoylluriti trickster Qoyo dance, complete with mini-Qoyos. Main plaza, Pisac.
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  9. Your future friend, "Flu" (unaware that she currently has a Pekingese boyfriend waiting for her in the States named Gus)
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  10. The light! The light. Kinsacocha, Peru, approximately 2.5 miles into the sky.
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  11. This tiny, perfect, tough-ass shy little highland pup. Allllmost transgressed my morals and put this one in my backpack, but the air was too thin to formulate the rest of that plan.
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  12. Gravity is for gringos
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  13. Up with the apus
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  14. Aaaannnd we're back in the States. Welcome.
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  15. The only logical conclusion to the Portland Naked Bike Ride
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  16. Heat wave puppet show, off-moment.
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  17. Just... beauty.
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