Things that always make me happier!

Everyone gets a little blue, personally I'm working on knowing how to cheer myself up!
  1. Searching for that one song you need to hear!
    Anything from Hamilton to Carly Rae, Taylor or Billy Joel. Sometimes motivating, sometimes melancholy enough to make me feel like I'm getting the bad feels out. Usually it's All Will Be Well by Gabe Dixon.
  2. Watching anything produced by my faves.
    Parks and Rec, the Office, MBMBAM, 30 Rock, SNL, Mindy Project, Lonely Island, all of it. My most frequently successful watches are scenes where Ben and Leslie are being adorable. Number 1 Scene: Harvest festival episode, Tom tells them to 'get a room'.
  3. Finding people to hang out with!
    Living in halls means I can just go next door to find someone who will laugh at my jokes, appreciate me being there and take my mind off things.
  4. Remembering that things reeeeally don't matter in the grand scheme of things.
    Nothing is that bad when you know you're prob going to end up miles away from where you are now.