What The Bob Marley Poster On Your Wall Says About You

*if you're a college-age, white, heterosexual male*
  1. 'I'm super into peace and love, but if some dude looks at me the wrong way I'll definitely act like I'm going to fight him.'
  2. 'One love my man! Also bruh I'm talking to 7 different girls right now and they're all DTF. Like, they don't reply to me much but I can tell they want the D.'
  3. 'I'm such a huge Marley fan, dude!' 'Oh cool! You listen to reggae a lot?' 'No wtf I only listen to Skepta... I smoke a lot of ganja though!'
  4. 'Everyone over the age of 25 is old as fuuuuck! They don't understand me, so they don't deserve my respect! Fuck the system!'
  5. 'I had the best weekend ever! Smashed a twelve pack and a box of wine, then vomited all over my duvet at around 7pm. Coma'd out on the floor and my bro's drew a dick on my face. Best. Night. Ever.'
  6. '#nohomo'