1. Week 1
    Shock, coldness, but a spark of hope. The criminal has been witnessed in his crime.
  2. Week 2
    Waiting for an answer. Feeling of missing something in one's life
  3. Week 3
    No hope. It's been too long. I am fatalistic.
  4. Week 4
    But wait! I hear it's being passed around like money. Maybe it will show up after all
  5. Today
    So my school actually recovered my phone, because someone turned it in. Thank the lord! This was honestly really unexpected. Some nice person must of turned it in. Thank you to whoever did that.
  6. In all seriousness
    Being without a phone really did push me into situations I wasn't comfortable in. It forced me to stand in the open, and observe my surroundings, and think. In some cases strike up a conversation with a person I barely talk to. I know, crazy right?