For anyone who is or was in a marching band you will be familiar.
  1. Band camp is five days worth of 12 long hours being in the heat and humidity while walking between yard lines in a parking lot and playing notes into an instrument.
    Of course we're not outside all day but it really feels like we are.
  2. But it's all worth it to feel like you're in the biggest Drum Corps International or something.
  3. And to tell a great story through an amazing preformance.
  4. Plus it's really fun.
  5. Like when we have spirit days and skit night.
    Some of the best skits were about instrument stereotypes.
  6. Or when we ran around the parking lot with our arms out like airplanes to the song Major Tom.
  7. And to look forward to the free dinner made by our lovely band parents.
  8. Don't forget the 100 people who are now your best friends.
  9. Also don't forget your sunscreen and to drink plenty of water.