Aka jamais vu
  1. "Flacier. That’s just an expression. It means, uh… sort of a feeling of resignation, shading slowly into ennui. It’s a…well, it’s the sort of feeling you get when the last rays of a sunset are leaving the nearby hills, and there’s a violin trio playing somewhere.”
    "Come One, Come All
  2. "There were terrifying, sudden moments when objects, concepts and even people that the chaplain had lived with almost all of his life inexplicalby took on an unfamiliar and irregular aspect that he had never seen before and which made them seem totally strange: jamais vu.
    - Catch-22
  3. "There were sequined balloons?” “That’s just an expression. It means, sort of…well, like you’re at a carnival with the sounds of a merry-go-round audible behind you, and fireworks going off in the sky. And the girl in your arms turns to you with a smile after you win a stuffed animal throwing a baseball through a hoop.”
    -Come One, Come All