I laughed so much this weekend I feel like I reset my soul
  1. When our driver thought we were a girl band
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    Easy mistake
  2. When @evehewson said she had a "soft spot for Robert Durst."
  3. When @evehewson said her mum was also "falling for Robert Durst."
  4. When I didn't pay for these skittles
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    Complimentary hotel snacks or out right theft. Still tasted the rainbow 🌈🍭🙅🏻
  5. When @evehewson and her sis spoke in front of 250,000 people
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    No fumbled words or nothing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  6. The entire time No Doubt were on stage
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    You go Gwen Coco
  7. When @samantharonson played the perfect DJ set and a room full of global citizens got loose
  8. When we recruited a 5th member for our girl band ( @scarlycurtis ) and took our first press shots
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    At 2am at Lincoln Memorial. Tour announcement coming soon...
  9. When we had a late night feast of Chicken nuggets and chips in @samantharonson 's hotel room and bonded over our love of the list app and the Spice Girls
  10. Washington DC: 💯
  11. When we all got UTI's because of @samantharonson's amazing DJ skillzz
    Suggested by @evehewson