It always takes me a long time to decide which book I want to read next. And this is why.
  1. Get a look at the cover
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    I know, I know. Don't judge a book... But if the book cover isn't a bit interesting I will not consider it. I know it's stupid, but I can't help it. Be honest, if you didn't know it, would you pick this book?
  2. Check the font size
    If the print is too small, I won't read it. I'm not looking for the Bible or the Little Red Book. I want a book I can read without my contact prescription to increase.
  3. Make sure there are not too many pages
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    If the book is in French - my first language - there's no limit. But if it's in English, I can't go over 500 pages. It's a completely arbitrary limit I have. It's just that I know it'll take me too long to read it to enjoy it.
  4. Read the first four or five first sentences.
    Not because of the story but because of the writing. I think you can quickly get an idea of a writer's style and that's a very important part of a book for me.
  5. Look at other books
    Seriously, it takes me a long time to decide which book to read next.
  6. Pay for the book
    Well, yeah, I usually don't steal books.