Inspired by @macnchz
  1. Summer Day Camp Counselor -ages 14-16 3 Summers
    I was working with kids 10-13 with two other older male adults who were also counselors. I was in the classroom with some of the kids while everyone else was in the gym. One of the little darlings shoved a stuffed animal in the toilet (purposely) and flushed and flooded the bathroom.
  2. Dance Teacher ages 14-16
    I taught in exchange for free classes. I still remember the dances and the kids. 💜
  3. Local Library - Page age 16
    Loved this job. I was the youngest of the students when I started. I did such a good job in non-fiction that I was promoted to the children's section which was always a mess. All my friends were working other jobs sweating, I was in the AC.
  4. Harris Teeter age 17 - 3 weeks
    I asked to change my hours because I was getting home so late and still had a lot of homework. The manager over the cashiers told me no that I put down these hours. I told her I quit. She looked stunned. I walked next door to TCBY where my best friend worked and started to cry.
  5. Drug Emporium ages 17-18
    Loved this job during high school. Had great friends and eventually my sister worked here with me. Eventually I cashiered in the back at the pharmacy counter. I met the first person I ever knew with AIDS. He was a wonderful, funny man who I remember hugging him when he was having a bad day. He changed my life. RIP Mr. Gumpton.
  6. College Career Center ages 18-20
    One of the most valuable jobs. I learned how to write great resumes and cover letters. I even worked full time one summer as the interim secretary until they could hire someone permanently. My first job in a professional office setting. I felt like a real adult.
  7. Waitress age 19-20
    HATED this job. It was my friend's family's restaurant and I sucked at it. I never could figure out how to use the stupid cappuccino machine. Most memorable moment - dropping a giant tray of 8 Italian dinners all over the floor.
  8. Intern / Co Op at International Mfg Plant ages 20-24
    The job that gave me great experience. Started as a relief switchboard operator, did clerical work in various departments including production and shipping/receiving. I was so naive when I started. The guys in shipping and receiving convinced me that mountain oysters were oysters from a river in the mountains.
  9. Student Assistant University Utility Office age 25
    Best part of this job was going out to happy hour with co-workers in the next department. One guy who was in his early 50's was skeezy. He worked for my boss. He'd come sneak up behind me and start rubbing my shoulders and make inappropriate jokes. He thought he was hot.
  10. Apt Community 'A' - Asst Mngr ages 26-29
    My first REAL full time job. Met people who are still in my life. Best memory having the national tour of a Broadway show stay with us & getting free tickets.
  11. Apt Community 'B' Manager ages 29-32
    This job was learning as you go by jumping in with 2 feet. Taught me the most valuable experience as it pertained to the business and the most valuable lessons in leading a team. I felt like Momma Bear over 14 people ranging in age from 19-67. Favorite memory the dinners and cookouts we would have as a team. Also some of the nastiest dirty apartments I have ever seen. Also had a very large raccoon who made his home in the attic of the office.
  12. Back to Apt Community 'A' asst mngr - ages 32-37
    Ended up in my 'safe place'. It was the love and support if my co-workers that helped me deal with personal challenges like my divorce. Saddest memory - when corporate told us we were up for sale. Craziest memory - AFT hiding on property with other law enforcement to take a coworker by surprise and arrest him.
  13. Apt Community C Manager age 38 6 months
    Moved 4 hrs for this job. Beautiful area made some great friends and loved the town. The owner was strange and a micromanager. Craziest moment - had tires slashed by psycho resident who was being evicted. First time I was ever fired.
  14. Law Office age 39-40
    The job with the most dysfunctional office culture. Someone cried EVERYDAY because it was so stressful and crazy. We were not allowed to talk to each other. Everyone just had on headphones. Very strange and lots of office favoritism and politics.
  15. Major Grocery Chain ages 40-41
    Always fun in retail. Funniest cringe worthy moments: being sneezed on with 'wet stuff' hitting my face - so gross. Also when young coworker asked my age and then after I told her she said OMG you're older than my mom.