1. Tiffany
    Uh, Fanny is British for cunt.
  2. Dick
    That's what we call a penis.
  3. Peter
    That's also what we call a penis.
  4. John
    That's what we call a toilet or a man who pays for sex.
  5. Miles
    That's a unit of measure, dumb dumb.
  6. Colin
    That's what we call the large intestine that turns our food into shit. It literally means shit bag.
  7. Colby
    That's a cheese. Duh.
  8. Hunter
    No, he/she is not.
  9. Brandy
    That's a sweet liquor. Your parents must have had high hopes for you.
  10. Raven, Lark, Robin
    Those are birds, dipshit.
  11. Rose, Violet, Daisey, Jasmine, Lily
    Those are flowers, not people.
  12. Hope, Faith, Charity, Chastity, Patience, Love
    Again, these are not names, they're metaphysical concepts.
  13. Dakota, Cheyenne
    Again, no they're not.
  14. Chance
    More like highly likely biological outcome.
  15. I