1. The Milky Way galaxy is whirling rapidly, spinning our sun and all its other stars at around 100 million km per hour.
  2. One problem with working out the age of the Universe is that there are stars in our galaxy which are thought to be 14 to 18 billion years old – older than the estimated age of the Universe. So, either the stars must be younger, or the Universe older.
  3. A day in Mercury lasts approximately as long as 59 days on earth.
  4. The opposite of black holes are estimated to be white holes which spray out matter and light like fountains.
  5. Matter spiraling into a black hole is torn apart and glows so brightly that it creates the brightest objects in the Universe – quasars.
  6. The Drake Equation was proposed by astronomer Frank Drake to work out how many civilizations there could be in our galaxy - and the figure is in millions.
    For more information about the Drake Equation, check out this li.st THE DRAKE EQUATION