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  1. A continuation of this
  2. A little known fact is that the music sensation, Drake, has actually undergone intense astronaut training
  3. Rumor has it this is because his next album will feature footage of his visit to the International Space Station
    The release date is yet to be announced
  4. Song titles from the new album have leaked including:
  5. Stardust Bling
  6. One Launch
  7. Rocket Style
  8. Controlla That Ship
  9. The album is rumored to be released either in late 2017 or early 2018 via a livestream from a concert that will be heals for special invites either on the International Space Station or the Moon Hub project if it is completed in time
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    DISCLOSURE: All information in this may or may not have been completely made up and is to be taken with a few bags of salt