Because today I turn 24! Yay!!
  1. My full name is Celine Keely Schmelzer.
  2. I believe in aliens.
  3. I spent a year of my childhood in Rome, two in England. I went to a boarding school while in England. It looked like a castle.
  4. My greatest life ambition is to always be brave.
  5. I went to cosmetology school and got licensed but am not currently practicing.
  6. I am a singer.
  7. I'm a sucker for a pair of pretty eyes. That's as close to a "type" as I get.
  8. I have really terrible vision. I've been wearing glasses since I was 4.
  9. I want to end up in Seattle someday because I'll never have to choose between my loves. It has mountains and oceans and has both urban and rural areas.
  10. The ocean is my true home. It's a running joke that the ocean accepts me as its own.
    For example! One summer my family and I went to South Carolina. Every single member of my family left the water one day because they had been stung by jellyfish. I had not?? We were swimming in the same area?? The ocean loves me as much as I love it, I'm telling you!
  11. Spiders are my nemesis. Also snakes.
  12. I don't believe in the concept of gender. People are who they are with no boundaries.
  13. I am a writer. I want to write books that help young adults the way that some have helped me.
  14. I read more than I socialize.
  15. I can only drink fruity drinks when I'm with my best friend. Otherwise I prefer beers and hard liquor.
  16. I've been obsessed with Star Wars my whole life.
  17. I went to college for a few years. Originally I was in Fine Arts for photography but then switched to photojournalism. I wanted to be a war photographer.
  18. I have a cousin named Allyson that I share a birthday with. She's a year older.
  19. I grew up on farms. One in England. One back home in Ohio. My grandpa passed away this year and the farm was sold. It is something I think about constantly.
  20. I still believe in soul mates, no matter how many times I am hurt by someone that I thought was mine.
  21. I'm enchanted with scary movies that have a great back story.
    Crimson Peak, As Above So Below, etc.
  22. I want to be a Mom someday.
  23. People frequently tell me that I look like Kristen Bell. I'll take it.
  24. This is me! Hello hello!
    I am a smol human