1. I got my ass up and ready and headed out in search of good food.
  2. This is where I ended up.
  3. Then I shopped around a bit, left Lush with some fabulous smelling goodies.
    (So many new bath bombs and melts and soaps, plz go treat urself)
  4. And found the shoes of my dreams, ON CLEARANCE.
  5. My friend Jess called and we went on a walk downtown.
  6. And when it started to get cold outside, we swung in a cornerstone shop before it closed and made out with some BOMB Chinese.
  7. But if all of that doesn't sound perfect enough, I finished the night off with vegan cookies in bed with Sex and the City.
  8. I work again tonight, which is a bummer, but I just took a perfect shower with my new shower cream (smells like strawberries 😍) and I did a coconut oil treatment on my hair which gave me princess hair and yeah. Life is ok I guess .