When I was debating on buying these products, all I wanted was a review that was in depth but still came across as genuine. Everything felt really sponsored. So, these are my honest opinions on the lovely brand, Glossier.
  1. Milky Jelly Cleanser
    A super gentle formula that somehow also manages to be strong enough that it takes off your makeup completely? Guys. It feels like I've removed my mascara for the first time in years. There's seriously NO RESIDUE. In terms of it being conditioning...meh. It wasn't that rubbery squeaky clean that I HATE but my skin wasn't ultra soft, either. It didn't do miracles for my acne but I did notice less breakouts. Which is great! I'll buy this product as long as they make it.
  2. Priming Moisturizer
    This product is the DREAM. It absorbs quickly and you can actually see your face getting smoother and softer. It wears super nice under your makeup and gives a dewy glow all on its own. My favorite thing about this is that it reduces redness. The only thing I dislike about it is that is doesn't have SPF?? But I found an amazing SPF to layer over it, so it's not a deal breaker. A perfect product, I'll definitely repurchase.
  3. Perfecting Skin Tint
    When I was looking up this product, all I saw were negative reviews. But I LOVE it. Here's the thing. I think the reason so many people don't like it is because they go into it assuming that it's going to give them full coverage/make them look flawless. It doesn't at ALL. It enhances the skin you have but any blemishes or dark circles will still be there. Eh? Just use concealer! I got so many compliments with it!
  4. Coconut Balm Dot Com
    This is pretty much glorified Vaseline. I can't sugar coat it. But it smells nice and it'll make your lips glossy! I also use it as a highlighter or on my eyelids sometimes and I kinda dig it. I've heard people say it's hard to get out but after I used it a few times, it came out really easy! I think it's worth the buy, but again, I knew going into it that it wasn't anything extra special.
  5. Boy Brow
    Oh god. This product. There's definitely a learning curve but once you have it down, you have these perfect messed up brows that stay all day with no smudging. It's my favorite out of all of them. I can no longer be without it.
  6. Soothing Face Mist
    First of all, the smell is better than anything else on this earth. A fresh rose garden for your face. It felt so cool on my skin and helped my moisturizer lay better. Also, first toner to not break me out. (And I've tried a lot)
  7. I know that everybody's skin is different, so I can't tell you how your skin will interact with this brand.
  8. I myself have sensitive skin that's simultaneously very dry. I need a lot out of products but also not too much.
  9. These products were soothing and nourishing and made me feel pretty and youthful.
  10. I haven't loved how I look in a long time but in the most humble way possible, I felt like I turned heads when using all of these together.
  11. You glisten!! ✨💫
  12. And, as a person who is very aesthetic orientated, I love having these, not only on my shelf but on other peoples when I stay the night.
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    (Also it gets me a discount if you use it and I will love you forever)