1. Jessica Jones
    That new Marvel show on Netflix? It's awesome. Beautiful lighting. Gorgeous characters. Fantastic writing. I love this show so much that I've actually used self control and limit myself to one episode every few days because I want to stretch it out.
  2. Crimson Peak
    A scary movie that came out in October. Normally not a fan of scary movies but I fell in love with this one. It's more of a Ghost Story than anything else. Something you'd expect to hear around a campfire or maybe read in a book. Ugh. So lovely.
  3. Dear Sugar Podcast
    ok, yes, I listen to podcasts bc I'm a suburban Mom but ALRIGHT LISTEN. I remember being a kid and driving in the car with my Mom, or in the kitchen with her while she cooked and always always ALWAYS she had on some radio show where a woman doled out advice in a smoky voice. And somewhere along the way we stamped that out and it's all top 40 nonsense now. Dear Sugar feels like 10 years ago in the best way. Wonderful, insightful and addictive. I've cried during a couple.
  4. Lady Grey tea
    It's like Earl Grey only better. Light citrus goodness. Yes plz I'll take 5.
  5. Serial Podcast
    I know I'm so late to the game on this one, but nobody told me that podcasts got cool! I had to find out on my own when I was bored and lonely. Seriously though, how good is this freakin thing???
  6. Master of None
    Aziz made something so special with this show. It's complex in the best way- light when it needs to be but I can't tell you how many times things were handled in the show that made me go, "oh, I've always thought about that!" Lovely. So lovely. I 💘 you Aziz
  7. Ginger root
    Ok, listen. Right up front I want to say that I'm a big ol' tree hugger. I believe that we're made of flowers and that walking barefoot in the grass ACTUALLY helps with depression and that ginger root is the solution to all of your pain problems. Maybe I sound like a nut bag but WAIT. Ginger capsules, when taken, are just as effective as Tylenol in eliminating pain. Only unlike Tylenol, ginger root doesn't destroy all of the good bacteria that lives in your gut. So yeah, go get some!
  8. My One Line a Day journal
    I've got terrible memory. I can barely remember yesterday, much less the last month. This journal forces me to put the most vibrant part of my day down so that I can look back and go: oh! Yeah! I remember. I love it and it's gold pages so much it breaks my heart.
  9. Boyhood
    I haven't shut up about this movie all year. When I saw it for the first time, I cried and felt horribly sad about the passing of time and wondered if I would ever create something so beautiful in my whole life.
  10. Borns
    Ugh, Borns is the MOST bae. His album Dopamine is the sweetest lil thing I've heard all year. He makes me want to lay down in dewy grass and look up at the stars.