Ok look I underSTAND that from the get-go, I shouldn't have had high expectations because it's tinder. But my best friend met her boyfriend on tinder and he's great, so I decided to give it a shot.
  1. Right from the beginning I had some sucky dudes.
  2. One straight up told me that I looked like the type of girl he couldn't bring home to his mom.
    But he was into that so??
  3. One asked if I was interested in being a Sugar Baby.
    He's only 25?? Don't "daddys" have to be like 40 at least??
  4. Then I got some ok matches. Out of all of them, I spoke to 3. Here is what happened.
  5. The first, Travis, was wildly good looking. I swiped right as a joke, not thinking he'd swipe back. He did.
  6. After initiating conversation with me using a clearly copy-and-pasted message that I know he thought was a lot more clever than it actually came across, i decided fuck it. Ok.
  7. He wanted to meet the very next day, after only a few messages. Which, you know, I thought was weird but ?? He was cute and he used proper grammar so...?
  8. We actually had a normal date and hung out at his place after for a bit.
    (No hanky panky. Just hung out)
  9. So I was left feeling like, ok, maybe this could be something. And thennnnnnnn, he flipped his switch.
  10. Started demanding over and over again that I make set plans with him even though I kept telling him I was working all weekend.
  11. He accused me of playing games and said I could come over after work if I wanted. Again, I said I would be too tired and would want to sleep. He kept going, I blocked him.
    So that's the end of that one.
  12. The next guy, Zach, was very sweet and normal and good at keeping a consistent conversation with me.
  13. He also catfished me.
  14. And I never want to be "that" girl, because looks aren't everything. However, I wasn't very attracted to him.
    And that's the end of that one.
  15. The last guy, Jake, is the best friend of the only guy I've ever been in love with.
  16. Aaaaaaaaand I'm deleting tinder.
  17. Giphy