1. Fuck you.
  2. Fuck you for not adequately covering medicine that I NEED to just feel like I can control my brain every day.
  3. Fuck you for your explanation why.
    I do not CHOOSE to be adhd. Nor did I choose to become diagnosed as an adult. There wasn't a lot of education on it when I was growing up, so I wasn't treated as a child. But my parents say they regret this because they KNEW my whole life that I needed help. My timing is not your business.
  4. FUCK YOU for not covering my acne medication at all.
  5. Fuck you for saying that it's a "cosmetic luxury" to take care of acne.
  6. Fuck you for not even looking at the notes from my doctor telling you that my acne is cystic and painful and I need the medication.
  7. Fuck you for all of the times you've done this to not just me but others like me. Who have needs you don't consider important, simply because it isn't something you can visualize.
  8. Fuck you for making me try and think of ways that I can try and function without any of my medication.
    That's so messed up. I hate you for putting those thoughts in my head.
  9. Fuck you most of all for making me feel like I'm not normal. That I'm less than everyone else because I have these issues.
  10. I didn't ask for them. I just asked you to help me deal with them. And you said no.
  11. So FUCK YOU.