1. Date an artist, unless you're willing to be turned into a piece of art.
    Someone who left me came out with an album and I had to listen to song after song that destroyed my heart. Don't do it unless your heart skin is thicker than mine.
  2. Watch scary movies at night.
    Except actually you should.
  3. Sleep past 10am.
    Because sunrises are worth it.
  4. Sit down in front of the tv with a bag of ANYTHING.
    Unless you truly wanted to finish the whole thing in one go.
  5. Over-caffeinate.
    Crash so hard.
  6. Hold back tears.
  7. Forget to moisturize.
    V important! Hands+lips+that pretty face should always be soft.
  8. Love mean people with pretty eyes.
    All eyes become beautiful when someone is loving you right.