(Or: things that I do more and more the older that I get.)
  1. Forget that I made a hot beverage
    ...until I think to myself, "tea sounds really good right now", and then, "oh, shit."
  2. Leave the house without shoes on
    Sometimes I'll even start to drive away before realizing the error of my ways.
  3. Fall asleep with the tv on
    Like, sitting up. In a chair. In the middle of the day.
  4. Stop eating when I'm full
  5. Make noises when I stand up after sitting for awhile
  6. Become irrationally angry over commercials
    Television, Internet, radio, etc. I hate them all.
  7. Eat my fruits & vegetables
    (Also, worry about vitamins and if I'm taking the right ones)
  8. Floss
    Just kidding (unless my dentist is reading this).