I'm a super nerd but I'm also picky about the stuff I nerd out about. Like, it's gotta be epic BUT ALSO literary. So. Here we go.
  1. The Wicked And The Divine
    Every 90 years, gods come back and they have two years to live. They're loved, they're hated, they die.
  2. Saga
    Basically Star Wars meets guardians of the galaxy meets Romeo and Juliet meets AWESOME. Seriously, the best little love story about two soldiers from the opposite side of a war and fall in love, told from the perspective of their daughter.
  3. Paper Girls
    Set in the 80's, it's a story about a group of paper girls that stumble upon a crime. It's like Strangers Things only...well, you'll see.
  4. Sex Criminals
    I'm still working on this one because I lost focus but look. It's about two people who both discover that when they have sex time stops, so they start fucking and then robbing banks. It's REALLY funny, also.
  5. Descender
    Just started this one and I think you should too!!! It's about illegal robots in SPACE. That go on an adVENTURE. HOW AWESOME.
  6. Please recommend me more fantastic graphic novel series if you have them!! I'm addicted. I have an unreal stack of them in my room and I want the stack to keep growing until I no longer have a room, just a storage place for my graphic novels.