now that I've watched it twice and calmed down a bit...
  1. spoilers!!!
  2. spoilers!!!
  3. spoilers!!!
  4. Over the last decade, I have missed my Gilmore Girls so much that when Netflix decided to make a revival, I literally lost sleep waiting for it.
  5. And so, it's easy to see how my overly eager optimism might have caused me to project my own wishes upon my tv and the characters living in it.
  6. I was mad when I finished the revival-and there are definitely parts that I will never make peace with.
  7. But maybe that's what makes the revival so special? Because if it were a perfect fanfiction-like event, it would have seemed too good to be true. Too neat and tidy.
  8. But these are intensely flawed characters. And intensely flawed people make...intense mistakes.
  9. I think for me, the most disappointing part of the revival was seeing Rory through the eyes of a "grown up".
  10. I so idealized her growing up. She was smart and funny and beautiful. Everything I wanted to be (Rory was a few years older then i was and I often measured myself against her).
  11. But she was also cruel. Skipping from guy to guy without ever failing to make the one she was leaving behind feel like the reason she was leaving was because they weren't "enough" anymore.
  12. She relied on the money that her mother tried to raise her away from. She enjoyed being wealthy and existing next to people who were equally well off or more so.
  13. The worst worst WORST part about Rory is that she always thought she was the exception to every moral rule out there.
    Which is why she doesn't mind cheating. In fact, she gets off on it.
  14. Of COURSE Rory is sleeping with Logan in the revival, despite turning down his marriage proposal a decade previously.
    She can't stand the fact that he's moving on instead of being hung up on her, like Jess and Dean were. It's probably also her way of clinging to the glory days, as her current day life kicks her ass.
  15. All of that aside, here is a list of things I will hold onto forever from the revival:
    (Because there was a lot of beauty)
  16. Emily's growth through grief.
    Truly a spectacular thing to behold. From a woman with a new maid every week and a fascination with meaningless antiques and party events to that incredible woman at the DAR meeting, crying "bullshit!" and buying a house in Cape Cod. She deserves a standing ovation, truly.
  17. The "Unbreakable" score, at the end of Summer.
    I cried many tears. Cracked my tough girl facade right in half.
  18. Lorelai crying in the field on the phone with her Mom.
    It took her a long time to allow herself to grieve over her Dad because I think Lorelai has a hard time letting go of who she WANTS her parents to be. To grieve is to admit that you love someone and miss them, just as they were.
  19. (I think the whole hiking thing was dumb though and didn't buy into it for a second)
  20. Sookie's return.
    This was the scene that I cried the hardest during. "I'm not broken..maybe a little chipped".
  21. Luke and Lorelais wedding.
    I truly think that this revival was about them, more then anything else. And to have waited as long as we did for their wedding, the actual depiction of it was everything I wanted and more. It was absolutely breathtaking.
  22. When Rory travels through memories before sitting and writing in her grandfathers study.
    I remember when I found out that Ed passed away. I was silent most of the day over it. Every single tribute to him in this revival was perfect and heartbreaking.
  23. The Secret Bar
    Why is this not a real life thing?
  24. Rory naming her book The Gilmore Girls.
    As if this whole show was just her retelling her life. And then Lorelai telling her to leave off the "the".
  25. Maybe also just...all of it?
  26. Yeah. All of it.
  27. (If you were as angry as I was, I highly recommend giving it another go. It's worth it.)