aka another list about abortions
  1. I have a friend, M, she makes the best chicken noodle soup from scratch when you're sick. She is the one person who can make me laugh in the middle of crying. Snot everywhere. It's ugly.
    She was on birth control and used a condom but got pregnant anyway. She had an abortion.
  2. I went to hair school with this girl, O, who did the best pixie cuts out of everyone there. She also always asked if anyone wanted anything when she went next door for coffee.
    She's had not one, but TWO abortions.
  3. My friend's Mom, S, was the best. She gave us the popcorn with REAL butter when we spent the night. (My mom and dad only ever have the shitty 94% butter-free popcorn).
    Before she had my friend she wasn't ready to be a mom. She was young and wanted to go to college and live her life. She got an abortion.
  4. And then there's me.
  5. A few years ago, I dated this guy. A real piece of work but I loved him like it was the end of the world.
  6. He once told me that he knocked up a girl and she wouldn't get an abortion so he pushed her down the stairs. It didn't "work", so he slipped her a pill that would make her miscarry. He never spoke to her again.
  7. I pushed that story into the back of my mind and let it disappear.
  8. And then one month, I was late.
  9. I didn't take a test but after a few weeks, I just knew. I don't know how to explain it but when you know, you know.
  10. The night I decided to have an abortion, I curled up on my bed and cried myself to sleep.
  11. And woke up with the worst cramps of my life. I miscarried.
  12. I had a proper sex education. All of the people I mentioned did. I was also raised catholic. I was told sex was for marriage only.
    Yet it happened anyway.
  13. Look, we've come far in terms of women's health education, etc, but we still have so far to go.
  14. Because when we exist in a society where one half says you're going to hell if you get pregnant then get an abortion, and the other half says abortion is ok only if you were sexually assaulted, who actually fucking wins?
  15. Here's the bottom line. Women are not pack mules. We do not live to carry kids and then pop them out.
  16. Every single woman on this earth is free to do with her body what she wants to do. For WHATEVER reason. And she's no less valuable to this planet.
  17. Hell, she'll probably even HAVE a kid someday.
  18. I know I will.
  19. ✌🏻️