It's been a long week and I am so so tired.
  1. Barely being able to make bills
    😁Especially now that I have to buy everyone + their mom a gift 😁
  2. My roommate not cleaning her dishes and then not thanking me when I do hers along with mine at the end of the day.
  3. Shitty friends disguising themselves as good friends.
    Like..years of good friendship that go sour because people change and apparently all of my friends slowly reveal themselves as assholes, much like a fine wine.
  4. Being ghosted when a guy is finished with me.
    I get that nobody owes you anything and everyone is allowed the option of changing their mind at any time but why do I matter so little to EVER Y O NE that I can be left behind with no explanation, every. single. time.
  5. Shitty books.
    After trying to make it through the book I WAS reading, last night I literally threw it across the room and went to bed. It's still on the floor.
  6. Having no car.
    My car barely functions so I'm confined to driving to work and back, pretty much.
  7. Snow
    It's snowed once!!!! But I'm already done!!!!