namely, those last few words..
  1. spoilers!!!
  2. spoilers!!!
  3. spoilers!!!
  4. So much of the revival was done right. I want to start with that.
  5. Luke and Lorelai's spontaneous marriage?
  6. Jess being the inspiration behind Rory writing her book??
  7. Kirk in general???
  8. In fact, despite a few gripes, by the last twenty minutes I was crying hysterically.
    (I'm not broken, I'm a little chipped 😭😭)
  9. But then.
  10. Right at the end.
  11. Rory says to her mom "I'm pregnant" and it cuts out.
  12. This can go one of two ways and regardless I'm pissed.
  13. First, if that's the true and final ending to the series-fuck Amy and her fucking revival.
  14. Making Rory pregnant is cliche and WORSE, it's a cop out.
  15. But if it's not the end and it's in fact the start of a new spin off series where Rory is the new Lorelai only older- fuck Amy and her fucking revival.
  16. Making a series about Rory raising her kid is TAINTING the entire original series by turning it into a cash cow.
  17. Like oh, swell, let's see how many seasons we can get THIS time before it inevitably goes terrible and then every time I watch the original Gilmore Girls, I'll just associate it with the shitty new show.
    Because it turned out SO WELL for Full House and Boy Meets World???
  18. Nobody wants to watch a show about the kids of characters we loved. So stop DOING IT.
  19. And look, what was with Rory sleeping with a (near) married man again? It was gross when we watched her do it with Dean and it will be gross when we watch her do it with Logan. If they were really supposedly these great loves, why not just stick them together??
    It doesn't have to be perfect, just better then encouraging infidelity.
  20. I mean, dude... Why.
  21. Alright. I have to be finished now. Eventually, I'll write a list about the things I adored in this series.
    Starting with Emily's character growth because, I mean, COME ON ❤️❤️