Also file under: things I frequently rant about.
  1. People are a lot crueler than I could have ever imagined.
    I could go on and on with this one, but instead I'll just give you one example: while working at a burger joint, a man was so upset his burger was cooked wrong (I am not the cook??) that he asked "how can it be so hard for you to get this right? but it's not like you have a degree so whatever". I have never forgotten that.
  2. People are a lot kinder than I could have ever imagined.
    The last waitressing job I had was at a bar. They had just opened and everything was chaos. I was serving this couple that waited for their drinks twenty minutes-TWICE. I thought for sure they would stiff me. Instead they tipped me $15 and left quietly. It made me cry. Being kind to your server is so easy and makes them feel better than you could ever know so JUST DO IT. MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE.
  3. Everyone at your job is detrimental.
    I was young when I got my first restaurant gig. Customers were being rude to me because the food was taking so long and I took it out on the cooks. (I have never been a cook at a restaurant so I can't imagine the stress level of THAT job.) Pissing off the cooks made my life A LOT harder and I have since learned my lesson. Basically, don't get superior, no matter where you work. Everyone is important. Everyone is trying their best. ⭐️Teamwork makes the dream work ⭐️
  4. You do not know what someone is going through.
    Last year was very very hard for me. I went through some stuff I hope to never have to relive. During one of the worst parts, I still had to show up at work and serve people with a smile on my face even though I was literally sobbing right before I stepped in the door. That took so much strength. When you go out to eat and someone messes up your food or is maybe not the most cheerful-back off. Be extra kind. You have no idea what's going on outside of your experience with them.
  5. Do not go out to eat if you can't give a 20% tip minimum.
    I am newly unemployed. My friend and I were hanging out and she wanted to go to a sit down restaurant we love. I told her I couldn't afford to tip so we had to pick somewhere else. THAT SHIT WAS HARD. I WANTED THE SPECIALTY DRINKS AND FREE CHIPS+SALSA. But it's totally not cool to spread your financial woes around to other people. Waitressing is how some people make a living. Don't waste their time.
  6. Do not go out to eat if the place is closing in less than an hour.
    I do not care how quick you think you'll be. It's rude. Within the last hour of being open, the place has been cleaned and reset for the next day. When you go in, they have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Ok and if you're going to do this anyway, tip generously and don't stay late after close. Servers and kitchen staff are people too. They've been there all day and are tired and sore and have families and just want to go home and rest before going in again the next day.
    I'm so serious, I save every little kind note that someone writes me. It makes my day EVERY TIME. It gives me clouds in my shoes. And it takes two seconds to write something nice AND ITS FREE, so this is a no-brainer. You only have something to gain???!!
  8. That's it. That's all I've got. Just don't be a dick.
    And like, I'm not saying this is true bc how illegal of me but like....we're the ones that handle your food?? Do you really want to fuck with us???