This is a running list.
  1. Why broccoli smells so FUCKING bad but tastes better then any other vegetable.
  2. Why it's considered bad to have sex for money.
    That's actually the dream?? I'd love to get paid to orgasm?? Stop shaming Sex Workers, that's all I'm saying. They own their shit.
  3. How reading even works.
    Every time I read a book I am amazed. How the fuck do I magically create images and voices for characters in my mind just by looking at scribbles on a page. How.
  4. How is it possible that Jennifer Anniston doesn't have at least 10 husbands by now? She's almost an unbearable level of perfect.
    Like everyone makes fun of her for being perpetually single but I dead ass DON'T UNDERSTAND.
  5. The Kardashians.
    Too much to elaborate beyond this: when will their 15 minutes be up? I'm bored.
  6. How arm workouts hurt worse then ab workouts.
  7. Pancakes.
    Too pure for this world.