I am constantly getting asked about the products I use and the majority of the time the answer is one of the following! Lush is a great company, all fresh hand made vegetarian/vegan products. They're big on recycling, protesting animal testing and lessening the impact we make on the planet with our beauty regimes.
  1. Shampoo bars
    I was so skeptical of these when I first grabbed one. How do they work? Will my hair actually get clean from them!? But seriously, they are magic. My favorites are Jason and the Argan Oil or Honey I Washed My Hair. Both smell divine and leave your hair shiny and strong. All you have to do is wet your hair and the bar, then lather the crown of your head with it before using your hands to scrub it in.
  2. Handy Gurugu
    A fantastic body lotion that absorbs fast and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. It's a miracle worker for people that have super dry skin.
  3. Charity Pot
    Another fantastic lotion. It's got a light floral scent and is great for smoothing dry spots. Also, 100% of proceeds go to a grassroots charity. Almost 10 million has been donated since the start!!
  4. Shower gels
    There are so many rotating and regular scents to choose from, it's easy to fall in love with one and make it your own (personal fave is Rose Jam)
  5. Massage bars
    Another product that has a wide range of choices so you can really pick one to suit your needs. I love Shimmy Shimmy, which is a body tint massage bar. It gives me a glittery glow and I smell like vanilla hours after applying it. But there's also bars to help sore muscles, create sensual moods and more.
  6. No Drought
    A fantastic dry shampoo that smells like grapefruit and citrus. Shake on the scalp (I go by sections) and then pull through. Consistently holds me over until my next shower.
  7. Dusting powder
    These are especially great after using a massage bar/body lotion to really lock down that moisture. It's main purpose to to keep you dry where you wanna be dry! I love pairing fairy dust(which is a limited edition sparkly dust) with shimmy shimmy and just bask in my glittery self.
  8. Sugar lip scrub
    My lips are forever chapped. A sugar scrub is a fantastic natural solution to gently exfoliate the dead skin on your lips. Mint Julips also gives my breath a little fresh boost when I need it.
  9. Lip balm
    After the previous item, I like to apply a balm to keep the new skin hydrated. Honey Trap is by far my favorite.
  10. Mask of Magnaminty
    This was the first ever lush product that I bought. It's a gloriously minty green face mask that deep cleans your face. Perfect for those bad skin days.
  11. Cup o' Coffee
    A BEAUTIFUL new face mask that you seriously have to try. It's an exfoliating mask because of the real coffee beans, but it's also really moisturizing and gives you a glorious glow because of the agave in it.
  12. Fresh Face Masks
    These are cold masks so you need to store them in your fridge when not using them. They're my skin essentials! Theres one for every type of skin out there! My favorite is BB Seaweed, which is an honest to God miracle worker and smells like heaven.
  13. Herbalism
    I was hesitant to include a cleanser because everyone's skin is different and I don't want someone to go out and buy something that works for my skin but might not for them. That being said, this cleanser is too great not to include. It has Nettle and Rosemary, which are fantastic balancing herbs and rice vinegar which clears up any excess oil that you have. I'm obsessed.
  14. Dirty shaving cream
    A gentle oat milk and lavender mix that makes my super sensitive legs smooth with no razor burn. I can't go back to a drugstore brand after using this.
  15. Dirty Body Spray
    I love this smell. Lavender, sandalwood and mint. But the coolest part about this particular Lush scent is that it has a natural antiseptic in it-so when you use it, it kills the smell at the root.
  16. Believe it or not, I use more than this-Lush or otherwise. But these are my dream team.
    Lush has so many products beyond what I listed that I encourage you to go in and fall in love with as many as you want. Nothing is better than feeling and smelling great!