cry city for most of these, tbh
  1. I Origins
    This movie haunts me. You can't be be same after seeing it. It's a love story but it's also a story about who we are, or rather might be, beyond this life.
  2. Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind
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    I love this movie so much that I have a piece of it tattooed on me. A gorgeous look at the way we love others and how that love is necessary to who we are, even when they're gone.
  3. The Nines
    This one is a toughie. To truly love it, you have to push past a lot of "what the hell is going on??". This is also one that I can't tell you anything about. Any bit of information might ruin the whole thing. You just have to trust me and watch it.
  4. Mr Nobody
    You'll cry a lot but you'll look at life differently if you pay attention.
  5. Wish I Was Here
    This was the movie that made me see my parents as people, not just parents. I cried inconsolably for days.
  6. Boyhood
    This movie is so fucking special, there are barely words. You get a bit of a life, year by year over the span of 12 years. But it's the same cast. Year by year you truly see a person grow into themselves. It's heartbreaking and magical and you have to see it.
  7. The Descendants
    I love this movie for so many reasons, mostly because it taught me that death doesn't erase who a person is or what they did. But it does help you forgive them.
  8. Garden State
    Two Zach Braff movies on one list?! It's srs business, guys. This one has a lot of introspection and teaches you not to take yourself so seriously. The soundtrack is flawless too. (Zach is known for his taste in music)
  9. Before Series (Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight)
    Unlike anything else I've ever seen but so incredibly lovely. Each movie is 10 years apart, following the same couple for a day. It's honest, often brutally so.
  10. Blue Valentine
    The movie that gave me commitment issues. But hey, Ryan Gosling tho😍