just when I thought I was spared.....
  1. Send Me On My Way by Rusted Roots
    my fave since I was 5.
  2. Here Come The Sun by The Beatles
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  3. Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds
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  4. Blinded (When I See You) by Third Eye Blind
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    (ps out of the vein is my favorite album of theirs) (pps third eye blind was my first concert)
  5. Know Your Onion! by The Shins
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    so much dancing around with a hairbrush
  6. Listen & Forgive by Transit
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  7. Banner by Lights
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    b/c no one can sever this soul from me
  8. Samson by Regina Spektor
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  9. Secondhand News by Fleetwood Mac
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  10. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
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    everything looks perfect from far away..
  11. Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World
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  12. Cherry Wine by Hozier
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    ugly cry every time
  13. Filthy Luck by Beach Slang
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  14. This Is Twice Now By Lydia
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    aka the saddest song ever plz repeat
  15. Rains In Asia by Jump Little Children
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  16. Beth/Rest by Bon Iver
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    the most beautiful love song of all time