1. Growing up, I never liked my name.
  2. Nobody else had it.
  3. So there were no personalized name plates or keychains.
  4. And people sang "my heart will go on" as soon as they met me.
  5. I was an awkward kid. My name was just another thing about myself that was different and weird and I hated it.
  6. I got a nickname that stuck when I was 14 and I went by it for 8 years. I left Celine behind.
  7. Then you came along.
  8. "What's your real name?" You asked me. I told you. "That's beautiful."
  9. And suddenly, it was.
  10. I was Celine, when you asked me to follow you to your room, where you gave me a cd to load onto my phone for the plane ride I had the next day.
  11. I was Celine in the back of your car, no room but we made some anyway.
  12. I was Celine after good morning and goodnight.
  13. Celine when you saw me and pulled me into a hug.
  14. And when you left, I was still Celine, but it never felt as good.
  15. I was Celine, getting coffee alone.
  16. I was Celine, not sleeping. Crippled from the pain of missing you.
  17. Celine, slipping out of the mouths of pretty boys in bars and bookstores and at work. Still sweet but not as lovely.
  18. And I'm too old to believe that I'm nothing without a person. Too wise now to think that who I am has anything to do with anyone other than myself.
  19. But I know that Celine never held much promise for me before you.
  20. And I also know this.
  21. My parents are the ones who gave me my name. Carefully chosen out of thousands. I carried it around my whole life and never once thanked them for it until I met you.