Passin along the wealth y'all
  1. Glossier Balm Dot Com
    I don't want this list to be glossier oriented because everyone here already knows I'm a GG through and through. But I have to mention this product. I have every flavor and not a day goes by when I don't use one. My go to is the coconut but cherry is a runner up. Also, it's $12 and lasts FOREVER. ✨20% off link in my bio as always✨
  2. Jeffree Star Skin Frost, Ice Cold
    This is the white highlight of my dreams. Very pigmented, long lasting, practically BLINDING. And, I know it's like $30 but I've spent more then that on Becca's highlights and Jeffree's have twice the amount of product. It's a huge pan. (Also, Princess Cut is a flawless pink highlight that I mix with ice cold frequently)
  3. Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick
    Out of all the liquid to matte lipsticks that I've used this year, this line is my favorite. I have at least 20 shades and I love them all. They're lightweight but the application lasts a few solid hours before fading. You can build about three applications before needing to remove and start again. Some of my fave shades are (Gemini, Watermelon Soda, Pumpkin Pie, Rose Matter and Leo)
  4. Anastasia Cream Contour Kit
    I got into contouring last December and I started with the powder kit. I'll stand by the powder method until the day I die but cream contouring is the only true option for when you want that carved out look. I've used a shit ton of contour products and this by far the best one.
  5. Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Pallet
    I almost don't even touch my other pallets since I bought this one. I never thought I'd be praising this brand but wow. The shades are all pigmented and blendable and the selection was well chosen. The only thing that bums me out is that, unlike most pallets, it didn't come with a brush OR a mirror. And it was $45. Still worth it though.
  6. Morphe Brushes
    I remember when I first started to get into doing creative eye looks and contouring at a more serious level, I was frustrated because I couldn't achieve the results that I often saw online. And dudes, listen, it all comes down to the tools that you use to apply the products. Morphe brushes are affordable and a good quality. Just make sure you clean em so they last longer!!
  7. RCMA No Color Powder
    The key to making your contour look stay on your face is a two parter. Setting spray and baking. This is the BEST powder to bake with. Only $13 and it doesn't make you look like a powdery crepe!!!
  8. Agent Nateur Holi-Stick
    A few years ago when I ditched drugstore deodorants and began my stinky search for a natural substitute, I almost gave up. Then I found this brand. It's a bit pricy but it's the only thing that works. It allows you to sweat but your sweat has no scent!!! I'll never go back.
  9. Bobbi Brown Art Stick
    I have two shades. Rose Brown and Harlow Red. HR is hands down, my favorite red lipstick ever. The formula lasts a long time but it's really soft and plumping. It's in a pencil form, so you can outline perfectly, no messy edges. Also, it comes with a sharpener, so it never dulls!
  10. Aveda Beautifying Composition Oil
    I use this to take off my liquid lipstick, waterproof eye makeup, in my lotion for extra moisture, in my baths, on my cuticles, in my humidifiers, etc etc etc. Seriously. It's the best.