Inspired by @tothemaxxx
  1. Fun dip
  2. Cap'n Crunch
  3. Strawberries with sugar sprinkled on top.
    Bonus when the strawberries were fresh picked on my grandparents farm.
  4. Rootbeer floats
  5. Taffy
    From the state fair.
  6. Stuffed Crust Pizza
  7. Reese's Cups
  8. Tea with milk and sugar
  9. Fresh peaches
    When I lived in Rome, my mom would buy my brother and I one at the farmers market every weekend.
  10. Honey sticks
  11. Airheads
    (Blue raspberry)
  12. Spaghetti dinners
    With the Italian side of my family. Everything was made from scratch.
  13. Fudge Jodie's
    (My family's version of no bake cookies)
  14. Kool-aid